About Coby


Coby Rees in August 2013

Name : Coby Dean Rees
Date of Birth:  19 March 1996 ( Aged 19 )
Pentre, Rhondda Valleys , Wales
Occupation : Meteorologist

First appearance : December 16, 2012
Last appearance : TBA

Coby Rees is an experienced weather forecaster from the Rhondda Valleys in South Wales, he has been interested in the weather since a young age of 8.  He is know the leading weather forecaster since early 2014 with his weather website which is linked at http://www.cobysblogsite.wordpress.com ( link not attached).

Personal Life:

Coby is diagnosed with Asperger Syndrone & Autism ( ASD) since the age of 3 in 1999 , it means that Coby has above average knowledge of a subject that he knows very well, such as weather and the environment.

YouTube Apperances:

Coby started to make his debut on YouTube in December 2012 when he decided that his weather forecasts should go worldwide on YouTube for everybody to see. However, some videos posted where subject to controversy , the videos that were controversial are now removed.

Departure in May 2014 – September 2014 

Coby took a three-month break from his YouTube appearances and Weather articles on his website , when he was Diagnosed with Peritonitis ( inflammation of the appendix) on May 15, 2014 , he was admitted to hospital on May 16 , 2014, and a major operation was carried out which was 4.5hrs long on the 19 May 2014 from 19:30pm BST to 23:30pm BST, the operation was deemed successful.

He was therefore, discharged from hospital on May 27, 2014 after 11 days recovery.

September 2014 – present :


Everything since September 2014 is back to normal.


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